1. Tom Foolery
  2. Insecurity about creating things
  3. Not wearing pants for zoom meetings because when you stand up you still aren't wearing pants and that is a problem.
  4. Letting the pandemic amp up agoraphobia.
  5. Fear of speaking because you feel you have nothing to say
  6. Not stepping back because you feel your opinion is the only one that matters
  7. Workaholism
  8. Obsession with American Exceptionalism
  9. Turning unwilling kids into memes.
  10. Making Tik Tok videos where the participants all look like they've been kidnapped and forced to dance with you because you are trying to gain clout and you need to be seen.
  11. Only reading two pages of a book and then saying you've read the book.
  12. Using youtube videos as your only form of research
  13. Making empty television specials about how the world is going to be much better and everything is healed now that 2020 is over.
  14. Celebrities
  15. Trying to emulate crazy self-care trends. And as a result, you shave off your left eyebrow. So now you have to have your zoom camera off for a whole month, because you don’t know how to draw eyebrows back in.
  16. Watching toxic Instagram videos and trying to manifest destiny.
  17. Manifest Destiny
  18. The shame surrounding the art of listening to Coldplay while crying in the shower.
  19. Pretending Jesus was white
  20. Not loving one's self by screaming in the mirror “YOU ARE A BRILLIANT BEING” every morning.
  21. Not transcending into light
  22. The hatred of possums
  23. The disrespect towards raccoons
  24. Not trying new things because you are too bored and too depressed
  25. Not taking your meds because you listened to a J-Cole song about meditation
  26. Geese

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